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Public Adjuster Services

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Looking to involve your insurance provider in potential roofing costs? Let DGB Adjuster, Inc represent your interests during the claims process. 

As a Public Adjuster certified with The State of Illinois, DGB Adjuster will work for you as the policy holder, and help further ensure no damage is overlooked during a claim. 

DGB Adjuster, Inc is a seperate entity from DGB Construction, Inc. DGB Adjuster, Inc is licensed and bonded as required by the State of Illinois. DGB Adjuster, Inc only uses licensed Public Adjusters for the services provided. 

The Process Explained

  1. Call us for a free roof inspection.

  2. An adjuster from DGB Adjuster Inc. will thoroughly inspect the property documenting any damages.

  3. If your property sustained damages, your public adjuster will communicate a claim to your insurance provider.

  4. An inspection will be requested by our public adjuster with your insurance company's adjuster and they will inspect the roof together for damage. 

  5. After approving your roof for replacement, your insurance adjuster will send an estimate outlining his/her findings of damage and pricing.

  6. An inside public adjuster from DGB Adjuster Inc. will analyze the insurance estimate and supplement the claim for any errors or omissions, giving you the best budget for quality work.

  7. In some cases, your insurance loss draft check will include your mortgage company as an endorsee. In this case we will work with you to get the mortgage company endorsement so you can make the funds effective.

  8. At the agreed upon date, we will tear off your old roof and install a new roofing system.

  9. Once replacement is completed, we will send the insurance company a final invoice and ask them to release your recoverable depreciation (which are funds they hold back until work is completed).

  10. After final payment is made, you will receive your GAF Material Warranty and the DGB Roofing Construction Inc. Workmanship Warranty.

Getting Started

Pro Tip #1

Carefully read through your insurance policy. Ensure you are familiar with terms such as 'Actual Cash Value', 'Replacement Cost Value' and their important differences. It is also helpful to understand how your deductable will be calculated.

Pro Tip #2

Damage to a roof is most apparent in accessories such as metal flashings, gutters, pipe covers, vents and even siding. If damage is observed here, your roof may have suffered similar damage. 

Pro Tip #3

It is perfectly understandable to place trust in your insurance provider. However, when filing a claim, it is recommended policyholders hire a seasoned PA to represent their interests. There may be market reasons why insurers wish to deny as many claims as possible, including yours!

Consumer Alert

Some adjuster companies and contractors require consumers to sign an "Assignment of Benefits" contract or clause prior to rendering their services.


These contracts are designed to remove your rights as the beneficiary to your own insurance policy and award these rights to a third party. 

DGB Adjuster, Inc, it's staff or agents will NEVER require such agreements. 

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Call for a FREE damage inspection

A certified Public Adjuster can discuss the details of your claim and can present honest best options.  


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