Residential Roofing

Our skilled team will take extra care to ensure your satisfaction upon completion of your roofing project.


Our Roofing Process

  • We strip the existing roofing system down to the wood deck to inspect for rotted decking and to verify the deck has been nailed to meet building code.


  • We six nail our shingles to achieve high wind resistance where others only use four nails per shingle.


  • We use compatible high-quality materials, not interchanging manufacturers, to ensure your manufacturer’s warranty will be honored.


  • We only offer high grade materials.


  • We take care to protect your lawn and landscaping during tear off, leaving it in the same condition or better than when we arrived.


  • We leave your property in a clean and professional manner at the end of each work day.


  • We thoroughly clean the property after all work is completed and use a magnet to pick up any stray nails in your lawn or driveway.

We offer 


on materials



on labor.

Skill and Experience

Because of our experience, we know that hammering shingles while installing a ridge cap is better when done by hand. By hand-nailing, our roofers can ensure the nail is properly placed and is driven in at the correct depth, flush with the shingle, and not over-driven.

DGB Roofing manually hammering ridge cap shingles


Recently completed

We use GAF Timberline® HD shingles

Below are some of our color choices


Due to monitor differences, colors may appear lighter or darker.

These images are here to give you an example of what your new roof could look like.

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Crystal Lake, IL 

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