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Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Spot potential costly problems early. Included in the program are FREE light repairs such as replacing sealant, addressing loose fasteners, joint covers and pipe boot flanges

  • Interior of the building.

    • We examine the interior walls and ceiling for any signs of moisture or water penetration. ​

  • Visual inspection of the roof.​​

  • Cap flashing inspection.

    • Full inspection and repair for loose / missing fasteners.​

    • Deformed metal.

    • Loose or displaced sections of metal. 

    • Corrosion.

    • Missing or loose joint covers. 

    • Sealant showing signs of cracking, weathering, or ageing.

  • Edge metal inspection.

    • Loose areas of attachment.​

    • Loose or missing stripped-in flashing.

    • Splits in the stripping at metal.

    • Corroded metal.

    • Sealant showing signs of cracking, weathering, or ageing.

  • Base flashing inspection.

    • Verifying a secure and sealed top termination.​

    • Verify a continous adhesion of base flashing to substrate.

    • Verify a covered top seal of the membrane base flashing.

    • Verify closed seams at the bottom of the base flashing. 

    • Verify sealed seams at the vertical laps. 

    • Verify sealants are in good condition, without signs of cracking, weathering, or ageing. 

  • Penetration Inspection

    • Inspect the drain clamping ring and drain strainer to ensure proper securement for a watertight seal. ​

    • Verify thorough adhesion of sealant inside the pitch pockets and membrane adhesion. 

    • Verify pitch pockets contain adequate fill material to prevent water from collecting. 

    • Verify pipe boot flanges sealed tightly to room membrane. 

    • Verify a tight seal and termination around pipe(s) at the top of the pipe boots. 

  • Inspection of the Field of the Roof

    • Inspect to verify no fasteners are protruding against the membrane, causing a "tenting" effect. ​

    • The membrane contains no worn spots, deteriorated areas, or holes in the membrane. 

    • Insulation panels are in their original positions; no buckling or warping.

    • There are no changes in the insulation or substrate firmness when the roof is walked on. 

    • Adequate draining is present. 

    • Inspect any rooftop equipment to verify no roofing areas have been degraded by equipment leaks or spills. 

  • Roof Clean-Up

    • Pick up any loose debris like paper, bottles, broken glass, tree limbs, vegetation and dispose of it properly. ​

    • Remove obstructions such as leaves and twigs, from roof drains and scuppers, to ensure proper drainage. 

Open Field Laps and Open Laps of Base Flashing.jpg

Call or email for pricing and further details. 


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